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  "The ultimate goal of science and technology is a harmony between nature and human for coexistence. However, the value of nature has been continuously damaged in the expense of scientific advancement.
  As a global science and technology development company that nobly develops human civilization and society along with development of nature, NBIT Co., Ltd. will develop into a global leading company.
  Science for the development of human civilization, society, economy, welfare, living environment, and industry coexisting with nature is also a natural human culture. Technology development tailored to consumer and social needs will enrich society and humanity beyond corporate profits.
  NBIT Co., Ltd. will continue to develop science and technology to prepare for the future of mankind along with the development of science and technology tailored to the reality of the global demand in the bio field."

Ik-Young Choi / CEO
As a global biotechnology development company, NBIT Co., Ltd. is developing consumer-tailored bio-industrial technology with global competitiveness and preparedness for the coming global crisis.

1. Development of resources and quality in the food and food industry
2. Development of pharmaceutical and health functional ingredients
3. Development of bio technology for livestock and companion animal industry

The information industry (IT) based on bio (BT) is the next-generation new bio industry capable of organic industries of humans, companion animals, food, and medicine. The NBIT Co., Ltd. will play a pivotal role in the next generation new bio industry.

Research & Development


  Cell culture technology for the production of medical hemp
  Identification of useful genes in bio-industry and genetic engineering technology
  Development of new breeding technologies


  Utilization of DNA information of companion animals
  Development of global standard DNA markers for individual dog identification
  Prognosis of genetic diseases


  Food development for a better dining table
  Development of superior seeds
  A healthy meal using 100% domestic soybeans

DNA Typing for My Pet

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R&D results


Artilce name
NBLAST: a graphical user interface-based two-way BLAST software with a dot plot viewer
Genomics & Informatics
Whole-genome sequencing revealed different demographic histories among the Korean endemic hill pigeon (Columba rupestris), rock pigeon (Columba livia var. domestica) and oriental turtle dove (Streptopelia orientalis)
Genes & Genomics
Identifying terpenoid biosynthesis genes in Euphorbia maculata via full-length cDNA sequencing


Patent's name
Application year
Traditional wine using hemp seeds and manufacturing method thereof
Liquor using hemp stems and manufacturing method thereof
A method for automatically identifying miRNAs from samples using an automated miRNA search system
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