Companion dog genetic testing

Genetic testing technique

  Identifying individual dog by SSR (STR) technique that is being widely used in forensic science

Developement of genetic diagnosis

  We compare and review the existing genes with two overseas products that are currently used in the world, select only the best genes for individual identification, and update them with the world's best dog individual identification gene set
  In addition, by uniquely verifying the frequency (probability) of each gene, which is absolutely necessary for global standardization of dog individual identification diagnostic kits our product is the world's first domestic dog diagnostic kit to be recognized and announced as a global standardized product

Why we need genetic diagnosis

Global market share through global standardization of dog identification gene kit
Impossible to change due to the nature of individual identification gene DB registration as a standardized marker
Expect a stable market, various ancestry analysis, forensics, legal registration, etc., expected to be used in various ways, expected to be 100 million dollars per year

Efficiency of management and increase of subscription by gene registration when registering for dog insurance
Efficiency of management such as registration of unregistered dogs by chip identification and identification of dog objects
Over 10 million dollars per year

국In the era of 10 million domestic dog households, 80,000 dogs are abandoned every year...
Domestic Abandoned Dog Management Budget: Average KRW 1 billion/si/county x 228 cities/gun = 228 billion won (200 million dollars)
Expected over 30% due to gene registration, sales of over 10 billion won (100 million dollars)

Genetic diagnosis technology and development

There are more than 200 congenital genetic diseases such as Chronic Degenerative Myelopathy, Hyperuricuria, and Malignant Hyperthermia that have been discovered so far. The global market for treatment of these diseases is over 200 million dollars.

Established the world's first DB of related genetic information for each of the 212 genetic diseases reported so far

Currently, 29 genetic diseases with the highest business potential, such as patellar dislocation, dermatitis, and pancreatitis, which are currently the most treated diseases in domestic and foreign animal hospitals, were selected

Completed development of real-time PCR technique capable of diagnosing 29 genetic diseases

Why DNA Typing for Your Dogs?

Individual identification

· My pet's characteristic DNA profile
· Can be used in case of adoption or missing
· Proof of genetic relation such as family relation and paternity confirmation


· Prevention and management of diseases by confirming that dogs have genetic disorder genes in advance
· Delaying the outbreak of genetic disorders through proper treatment and management


· Planning for insurance for prospective genetic disorders
· Confirmation of insured dogs without microchips implanted

Diagnostic accuracy

· Imporving the accuracy of genetic disorder diagnosis by performing clinical and genetic tests in parallel
· Help you consulting with veterinarian for more detailed information about your dog's disease

Why you choose NBIT DNA Typing?

A single DNA test can identify your dog's DNA profile and screen 27 genetic disorders

Using 'World Standard Individual Identification Markers' to identify characteristic DNA profiles of dogs with a probability of 1/1011

Representative genetic disorders selected by veterinary surveys

Disease-focused with follow-up care and preventive measures

Markers for identification of a dog and methods of identification by using there of
(Application Number:PATENT-2021-0189309)

Fast service
  -Test results notification within 3 days after received sample
Low price compared to other companies

Problems in other companies DNA typing

· Expensive testing cost due to the large number of diseases
· Most of the diseases are difficult to treat and prevent

Dog Genotyping

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