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As a global biotechnology development company, NBIT Co., Ltd. is developing consumer-tailored bio-industrial technology with global competitiveness and preparedness for the coming global crisis.

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Pet Dog Healthcare
DNA Typing

The common hope of companions is to live a long, healthy and happy life with their dog.

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Human Genetic Diagnosis

(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD)

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  "The ultimate goal of science and technology is a harmony between nature and human for coexistence. However, the value of nature has been continuously damaged in the expense of scientific advancement.
  As a global science and technology development company that nobly develops human civilization and society along with development of nature, NBIT Co., Ltd. will develop into a global leading company.
  Science for the development of human civilization, society, economy, welfare, living environment, and industry coexisting with nature is also a natural human culture. Technology development tailored to consumer and social needs will enrich society and humanity beyond corporate profits.
  NBIT Co., Ltd. will continue to develop science and technology to prepare for the future of mankind along with the development of science and technology tailored to the reality of the global demand in the bio field."

CEO / Ik-Young Choi

Development of resources and quality in the food and food industry

Development of pharmaceutical and health functional ingredients

Development of bio technology for livestock and companion animal industry

Pet Dog Healthcare DNA Typing

Genetic testing allows you predict genetic diseases that are likely to occur in your dog.
Based on the genetic test results, you can improve the welfare of companion dogs through customized management, which can have the effect of improving the life satisfaction of dogs and their owners.

Human Genetic Diagnosis

(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD)
  • Expansion of technology market for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) diagnosis through introduction of new technology.
  • Predicting the likelihood of progression through genetic testing, which has a preventative effect on potential patients.
  • A new turning point in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease testing in Korea and abroad.
According to WHO, COPD is the third leading cause of death in 2020 in the world, but the disease awareness rate is as low as 3%. However, the prevalence is increasing very rapidly around the world, so it is an area that is attracting global attention. Nevertheless, in Korea, research is relatively inactive and diagnosis kit development is minimal.
The technology of diagnosis of DNA methylation level in the specific genes for COPD is currently not available in the world, so it may be a stand-alone competition.
NBIT's COPD diagnostic kit uses real-time PCR to diagnose methylation of COPD-related genes (DIP2C, CTU2, USP36, ZNF516, KLK10, and CPT1B), requiring a shorter testing time compared to existing testing methods and at a low cost.
NBIT's COPD diagnostic kit can not only diagnose COPD patients through genetic testing, but also have a preventative effect on potential patients.

DNA Sequencing Service

NBIT offers general (ABI 3730xl) and NGS (DNBSEQ-G400RS) sequencing services.